Monday, February 1, 2010

It's Been A Hard Day's Night

And I remember hearing the band who wrote that song on the radio BEFORE they broke up.  I'm practically a centenarian. My favorite band, too.

I've been posting at another blog just because I had surgery and a rough hospital time and then recuperating at home comfortably with wonderful caregivers (my mom and Don) but with medical surprises every day.  Quite an adventure, but I would have vastly preferred Disneyland.  I really miss Disneyland.  Before it got so expensive, I went every year for my birthday.  I want to go again after I survive this current ordeal.  I need a treat, really badly.

I want to write about some of this but right now I have to get ready for an important medical appt. in L.A. But here are some of the posts I really should have made here.

Boy is cancer time-consuming.  I'd say I almost miss lupus, except, of course, lupus hasn't gone away.  Makes it interesting when my ability to do activities of daily living gets evaluated ("but it will be different tomorrow", I mutter, under my breath.  Cancer is the newbie on MY diagnosis list.)


  1. Jean sent you a couple of DVDs of a group she liked - one video and the song. It's country stuff so not my kind of thing, but I hope you've had a chance to listen/watch them. I'm told the song is quite inspirational!

    Thinking of you!


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  3. Tom,
    I'm looking forward to listening to the DVDs. My computer seems to be tolerating DVDs now so it's time to give them a try! Please thank Jean; I appreciate her thinking of me so much.

    And I hope you are doing well :) xo


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