Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Enough Low-level Pain To Be Annoying

I'm not in agony, and I'm glad about that!

But I'm having trouble getting much done today and I finally figured out that I'm having enough pain to distract me and just kind of wear me down.

I think one fingernail has a mild infection partially underneath it due to the nail having broken...and immunosuppression from my meds. It is fairly painful when I type, so this may not be a long blog entry ;)

My joints hurt all over, and I have pain when I breathe that is probably good old pleuritis. My head hurts and there is some pain behind my eyes. Some of my muscles hurt as well.

Because this isn't knock-me-completely-off-my-feet pain, I didn't realize the pain was a problem until now, and it is almost 5 pm...I was blaming myself all day for not being able to get anything finished which I started.

I definitely hurt enough to qualify for being in bed asleep or doped but since I have a nasty case of lupus and fibromyalgia as well, I've had to learn to get by with misery that would probably shock someone with normal health status. That's just the way it is; something I've accepted. But I want to learn to forgive myself when superhuman endurance has taken the day off.

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