Friday, February 26, 2010

The Price For This Migraine is $270, So I Can't Afford It

I've had this headache for days and so I contacted my neurologist.  He faxed a prescription for me for a med which would break the headache cycle.  Naturally my insurance doesn't cover it.  They want to substitute with a medicine I've taken before which, like the med I have now, isn't long-acting (which was the entire point of the new prescription.)  I am so tired of this entire country being held hostage by private insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies as well.  The strange thing is that about half the country is bitterly opposed to any change to this bondage, even though it brings about needless deaths.


  1. I know President Obama is doing something about it! Pls let it be quick!
    Hope you feel well soon!


    Politics just sucks big time!

  2. 厚 !!!等了好久的更新~~一定要支持的啦(ΘωΘ)........................................


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