Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And Now, I'm Going To Complain

I haven't been whining (I think) but I'm going to whine now because I am TIRED and IN A HURRY! :)

There were a lot of things I really wanted to get done before surgery on Friday.  There was a photo album I was making for someone I've known for years that I'd hoped to get done by Christmas and couldn't.  There was straightening out where I live so that I won't break my ankle when I get home from surgery.  There was packing a bag FOR the surgery, remembering of course that I need to bring my own everything when I stay in a hospital because I'm allergic to almost all toiletries etc.  There was answering a backlog of email that came about because of the extreme fatigue episodes I am experiencing with a combo of cancer AND lupus.  There were medical records and information to get together to bring to the hospital, stuff to do for the pet crabs and the fish, asking two friends whom I've been helping out with some projects if there was anything they needed before I have the surgery, massive medical debt to re-structure and last-minute bills to pay, I could go on (oh yes I really want to go on and on and on! bleh!!) but guess what?  I don't have time!

I don't have time because Murphy's Law will NOT leave me alone.  Just a few examples...several things around here have suddenly chosen this time to break.  Despite the financial crisis I've had to buy things like replacement lamps and a lot of other stuff I don't have time to list.  One of the big things is my computer, which supposedly has "liquid damage" which Apple doesn't cover.  So I paid for half the cost of a logic board and that was to fix it, but guess what?  It died again.  Now it had to be sent away.  They say Apple will pay the rest but we'll see what Murphy has to say about that.  It's a very bad time for me to be without the computer.  Almost everything I had to do paperwork-wise is now 100x harder.  It's helped that Don put some of my stuff on his laptop temporarily but of course that's only for the next day or two since he needs it back.

Our laptops were bought at the same time.  His is wonderful.  Mine can't seem to function at all.  I WOULD get the lemon instead of the Apple.  If I need a new computer, I'm SOL, never mind that it is pretty much the center of my life.

I had a really painful eye infection which was eliminated by eye drops.  Guess what's baaaaack?  Can I reach the eye doc?  NO!  Can I get refills on the prescription?  Of course not!

Today was my day to catch up and wrap up some of the loose ends.  I knew I couldn't do everything but I could do the essentials.  Tomorrow I have MD appts out of town and then my mom is coming and then I HAVE to pack.  Thursday I take a laxative and have a miserable liquid diet so mom is going to drive me down to the family compound (it's a house that is just my name for it, lol) and I will stay overnight and then my truly sainted family is going to get me to the hospital by 5:15 am Friday.

Well, that was the plan.

So we get our badly-needed rain now, at last.  Except it's not just rain, it's a major storm, being compared to the one in 2005 when yours truly got stuck in LA due to a landslide which blocked the freeway.  The worst is expected for tomorrow and Thursday.  I guess we'll just see how mom and I do on the roads.  I so needed this complication.

And just to make sure that nothing gets done on time whatsoever, I just found out that I was to see my surgeon today, except that I'm not on the books which means no one told me.  I have to go to LA now, so I'll see you on the flip side.  I think I have time to shower and get gas and leave early enough to allow time for the storm.  I think...

I am so tired!

Oh and no.  Dburr can't help me.  He's got a major project for work.  Also, we're talking about CLEANING, here.  He'd rather serve time in San Quentin.

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