Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where I've Been

August was really busy because I moved, and of course the physical part of moving was an exhausting daily project. And I'm not finished with it yet!

At the end of August, I developed a GI problem. Diarrhea, usually severe, as well as nausea and vomiting. Daily.

I must have been very ill, because I even lost weight, something that just doesn't happen to me since prednisone packed on the pounds years ago. I can be at death's door, refusing food, and still my body is convinced that fat must be preserved for an imaginary famine.

Anyway, this mystery thing made me very sick, and very weak. I had quite a few falls. I cracked my ribs. I may still have a jaw injury to deal with.

I could only survive on enough OTC Imodium to most likely raise the stock price of it, as well as prescription ondandsetron. I saw several doctors, and was seen in ERs several times as well.

My genius rheumatologist seems to have thrown a lightning bolt to the thing, improving me enough to give me my life back. I was surprised, since this is out of his specialty area. I saw him December 9 and have been working on catching up with months worth of communications and responsibilities ever since! Dr. Wallace had better not retire during my lifetime, is all I can say,

Looks like I might be able to make a blog entry once in awhile, now :)

Christmas List

I'm not really writing this to plug my Amazon wish list ;)

At my age and income level, lists like this are more a useful reminder for me, for use IF a day ever shows up when I have any extra $ to spend frivolously!

What with deductibles, copays, over-the-counter health care stuff, and trying to live on disability income, in a political climate which is getting harsher and harsher for folks like me... I'm not counting on a windfall.

Ah, well.  Sometimes it feels like Scrooge will never get the visits from the three spirits in my lifetime.  I often feel crushed by a heavy weight not of my own making.  When did I ask to get sick?  or for medical care to be so expensive, or for the medical insurance system I live under to exclude me from the middle-class economy?

Anyway,  another list. I've had at least three major diagnoses in my own Christmases past.  One was SLE on December 24, 1985.  One was diabetes on December 26, 2008.  And one was uterine cancer on December 16, 2009.

Christmas gratitude:  I'm still here :)

Thank you, Santa, doctors, scientists, taxpayers, family, friends, luck, and my personal loving God.  What a beautiful gift.

Happy holidays to everyone!

Christmas sphere, photographer Idea Go

Dear Stubborn Five-day Migraine,

I will enjoy the Christmas season despite you.  I've certainly ignored far worse health stuff at Christmas.  You are just amateur misery.  Suck it up.

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