Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First blog award!

I never thought I'd get to put up one of those cool images that link to a site which likes my blog!!!

I've seen them all over other people's blogs, of course. But I didn't expect to see one on any of my blogs. I've never been the type which gets much recognition for anything I do, or even very many "thank you"s or other positive feedback stuffs like that. What I get instead is the criticism whenever anything goes wrong! Something about me just seems to silently say "Complaint Dept."

Anyway this award thing came out of the blue and could not have been better timed for a much-needed lifting of my spirits. Thank you, !!!

I didn't know anyone even knew I was here, all alone, blogging my heart out, to tell you the truth. When I think about what I've been through with diseases, treatments, and what these have done to my life, the phrase "In space no one hears you scream" comes to my mind a lot.  Where does that come from, anyway? Wasn't that from an ad for the movie Alien?

 Ugh. What made me think of THAT film. I was up half the night last night, again, having a special relationship with The Porcelain God thanks to the vomiting my hiatal hernia sometimes likes to induce when I am trying to sleep, and the scene I suddenly thought of from the film--well, if you saw it, you understand what flashed through my mind. I'm a bit queasy now.

I just want to stay happy about my award, so time for some thought re-direction. I saw a great sunset the other night.  I'll try to share it with you below, if various technology gods are not too cranky.  And very soon after this sunset, I saw a shooting star on my drive home!  It doesn't get much better than that :)

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