Friday, March 12, 2010

Alliance For Lupus Research Video: Faces Of Lupus II

Dear family and friends,

I've been asked to pass on this latest video about lupus from the Alliance For Lupus Research ( .)

Lupus is still in desperate need of publicity in order to raise awareness of the disease, which would:

* encourage early diagnosis which is associated with better disease outcomes

* make life easier for those of us who already have the disease (and to help us be better understood by others whom we encounter in life)

* raise badly needed funds for research.

I know there are people with lupus who will want to share this video with others.  

But if you do not have lupus, and if you would still take a moment to watch this video and pass it on to anyplace people might view it, or to anyone whom you think would benefit from watching it...then you are doing something to help a patient population which doesn't, in general, receive a great deal of help.  

Thank you so much for this.

Love and peace
diagnosed with lupus in 1985

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