Friday, December 11, 2009

Another notch on the bedpost...? Liver disease!

Some people collect notches on their bedposts to represent the different persons with whom they have, um, shared their bed.  That wouldn't make a very impressive collection for me, so if I were to bother with notches they really should be for every new diagnosis I get of something wrong with me.  Now my liver is shooting pain signals at me and abnormal enzyme levels to the blood lab and produced an abnormal ultrasound as well.  Yes, liver, I hear you screaming "Me! Me! My turn!  Me me me!!!!"

More later, as it's time to take the car in.  Ultrasounds are not supposed to hurt for days after, but the liver didn't like being poked.  Not sure I feel like doing more driving.  Been driving a medical appts. out of town, not holiday parties or anything cool like that!  Not that many parties are being given during the Great Recession, anyway.  I wanted a holiday party, so I gave my own on the 6th!  Take THAT, powers of darkness!  So there!

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