Saturday, October 10, 2009


Costochondritis is considered to be harmless. I disagree. It can be entirely too painful, and pain can wear a person down to where they feel they are not even really well as turn a perfectly nice person into a bitch from hell.

Costochondritis also hard to spell. Frankly, costochondritis sucks. It truly does. I swear on a stack of Bibles that it is TOTAL SUXOR.

You heard it here first!


  1. Beep,

    Sorry to contact you via a comment. I could not find another why to make contact. I wanted to pass along a new Lupus resource.

    It is through a website

    It is a community of lupus folks that interact online to give one another support.

    There is a dedicated physician on the site to answer questions for the patients.

    We originated as a group of doctors dedicated to helping people online in a way to help with high health care costs. The idea is to give a free resource to people that need alternative opinions and information. There are a lot of people that have limited access to health care (can’t find a specialist in their area, long wait times, etc.). This way it is easier for a smaller number of physicians to help a larger number of people.

    Dr. Shanahan is the doctor. He is board certified in Rheumatology and trained at Duke University

    In addition, we will be incorporating 'health trackers' soon! This tool can be used by the patients to track their symptoms and to see what may be contributing to them.

    Physicians for Patients will also be looking for associations (trends in complex data sets of the cumulative data collected in this large community of patients. This is done in an automated anonymous manner). This is the exciting part! Our hope is to identify correlations between symptoms, daily activities, medications, and the environment. This will help us to better understand Lupus and hopefully to guide us to new potential treatments.

    Please help us to spread the word about what we are trying to do (any group messages that can be sent/ links/ blogs are much appreciated) In order for us to make some new head way into better understanding lupus through identifying new correlations we need quite a large people to participate.



    Dr. K

  2. Hi Art,

    Thank you for commenting here! I will go to your site and try to find a way to contact you back and get info for a blog entry re the site.

    I do need to put my email link back up on this page. I don't know where it disappeared to, all on its own. Sometimes I think technology is like herding cats...anyway one of my email addresses is smlupus at gmail dot com, spelled out this way to give the spambots a slightly more difficult time...probably only very slightly, but we can but try!

  3. Often the symptoms of costochondritis intention without treatment. Where Costochondritis Treatment is required, the fact of the matter is to diminishing irritation and control pain. The Natural Herbs Clinic has produced the natural herbs for the Costochondritis treatment. This tablet contains a b natural blend of fresh and pure herbs that give a synergistic effect in mix. Since, this is a natural supplement it won't show quick results as quick or obviously as physician suggested medicines; however that doesn't infer that it is not working.

  4. Certain types of Costochondritis natural Treatment with herbs may help bring down cartilage inflammation. These natural herbs include: Noni Fruit, Arnica, Ginseng, Serrapeptase, etc.

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