Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good old lupus

Well, survived acute bronchitis, again. But barely.

The Cough of Doom is finally gone. Am almost, but not quite, finished with the prednisone withdrawal. I need to get down to 5 mg/day like I was before (wish I could be at 0...sigh. Am on 10/day now. Not so hot considering I have diabetes and osteopenia and AVN already...and have a history of steroid-induced high ocular pressure with glaucoma in the family.)

I got excited that is was summer -- formerly my worst season, but now I know I have to avoid sun and heat, and the horrible and strange colds and flu which have plagued where I live through the cooler months are now gone. However, I immediately overdid it. We needed to put a twin bed in our place so my mom can sleep over here sometimes. There are still a ton of books etc. that now need to be put away, but my body has gone on strike. Today I was crippled by joint pains and overwhleming fatigue. I keep falling asleep wherever I find myself. Exhausted. It was Tuesday we did the heavy work; I had aches and pains and was very tired yesterday, but worse today with some pain on breathing so I know it's SLE rearing its ugly little head.

It was a huge job to write this short entry! Everything feels soooooo difficult. I have one eye which I am trying to force open so I don't fall asleep but this is not working. zzzzzzzz.


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