Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Now this is JUST TOO MUCH

Ok, found the last Maxalt samples (why won't my insurance give me Maxalt?) and the new nausea med; got the migraine to be a bit better by taking the meds and also restricting myself to lying down in a quiet and dimly lit room.

But no rest for the wicked, I mean the sick that is...I'm kind of dizzy so had dburr help me take my blood sugar. 290! Oops.

Now I have to try and walk around the house WITH a migraine and drink a boatload of water. And not much of the pasta dinner for my sick tummy. Got to bring that sugar down. Maybe pickles will help. Not that I feel like having any.

Have some kind of infection, too. Productive cough, although not a really bad one.

This is really too many illnesses at once and I'm getting kind of pissed off.

Got my latest blood work in the mail. Sed rate is good (I do not understand WHY because I have not been doing so well with the arthritis)...but ANA is back up. Not to its highest but 1:1280 is significant. Blah.

Would someone please give lupus the finger for me? I had to stab both of my middle fingers today in the great effort to get blood for testing blood sugar level. I've got Raynaud's. Hands and feet usually cold and lifeless. Doesn't go well with diabetes test kit requirements.

Poor dburr ; he has to be Nurse Dburr again. I can't be fun to live with.

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