Saturday, February 16, 2013

Welcome Back, Kotter

Obscure reference alert:  Welcome Back, Kotter was a TV show I used to watch, back in the day.  The person I am actually welcoming back: me.  My latest bout of back-to-back illnesses began at the end of May, 2012.  About 8 months ago.  I've been relatively well for about two weeks, and am praying hard that something doesn't come along to knock me off my feet again.  Lupus, fibromyalgia, pneumonias, asthma, bacterial infections, viruses, injuries, etc., please, take some time off.

Tests last month showed I have low gamma globulin levels, specifically IgG and IgM.  This could be putting me at risk of infection(s) and I am to consider getting gamma globulin.  I need to get over my phobia of other people's blood.  Admittedly I did have a blood transfusion once, but I was so severely anemic I didn't have much of a choice.

Anyway, hope to blog more.  Wonder if there is anyone out there.


  1. I just finished reading the book "Wheat Belly". Apparently, lupus is one of many diseases actually caused by gluten insensitivity. What do you think?

    For me, avoiding grains (and legumes) has finally gotten rid of my digestive problems (IBS and GERD). Wheat is definitely worse than rice, when I do try grains.

  2. Since I got another pneumonia and had to live in bed yet again, I am totally open to suggestions! You've inspired me to talk with my friends who are on some gut-healing diet. I seem to remember grains were a no no on it. Each has health issues and they say they are doing better. I believe it is meant to address IBS, GERD, and inflammation relating to autoimmune disease. I have all three so I probably should explore what you wrote here as well as what they are doing. I was so reluctant to consider dealing with yet another medical diet since I already have to adhere to several and sometimes they even conflict with each other! But as I said, you have inspired me. Would you consider doing a guest blog about it? Hugs, pam

  3. You mean, someone actually wants to read about my wonky stomach and pooping habits? ;-) Sure, I'd be happy to tell your readers about my journey away from stomach pain. Shall I e-mail a text?

  4. I second the investigation into "Wheat Belly" and possibly reducing your gluten grains.

  5. Hey Beep,

    You wrote...Since I got another pneumonia and had to live in bed yet again, I am totally open to suggestions!

    There is a book by DR. F Batmanghelidj MD. It is called "ABC of Asthma, Allergy and Lupus."

    I have taken up researching where Dr. B left off because of his untimely death. I am starting with much simpler things like putting together a couple of hospital based studies on leg cramps eliminated with the water cures protocol (

    Every once and a while someone comes along like Rusty, one of my patients, who was sent home with inoperable brain cancer. The first night on the protocol, he slept for the first time in 10 years. The first week, he got his sight back and the first three months he only had one headache.

    Based on Dr. B's research, the same benefits can be realized from those who suffer from Lupus.

    So long as the protocol is not contraindicated for where you are in the progression of the disease, what could it hurt?

    But there is another reason for writing.

    Something you said touched me. Well, not so much what you said as what you communicated when you wrote it.

    Let me say this and perhaps you will know what I am hearing from you.

    It comes from Napoleon Hill in the early 1900's and was later rephrased by Jesse Jackson and then changed even more by me. In essence...

    If within your mind you can conceive, in your spirit you can perceive and in your heart you can believe, you can achieve.

    In psychology, you learned about self fulfilling prophesy. That is all that this statement is, or maybe there is something more to it, you be the judge.

    The mind, at least to a holistic nurse as myself is the rider that orchestrates or tries to ride atop and guide the spirit, body and heart.

    The spirit is the force that actuates your mind and the trillion cells of your body. Not everyone is in touch with it as I think you are.

    The body with out a moral compass that is balanced between the heart and mind, is just an animal.

    The heart is the seat of emotion, motivation and where from our mind can bring out good things or bad.

    The challenge, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, or at least that is what the book says.

    At the risk of sounding zen, where you are, some of us were and where we are, you will be some day. We are waiting for you.

    Nurse Jon,

    PS. If you know Gabe Kaplan, then you must have read Jonathan Livingston Seagull. If I am right, you might be uplifted by reading it again.


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