Saturday, October 10, 2009


Costochondritis is considered to be harmless. I disagree. It can be entirely too painful, and pain can wear a person down to where they feel they are not even really well as turn a perfectly nice person into a bitch from hell.

Costochondritis also hard to spell. Frankly, costochondritis sucks. It truly does. I swear on a stack of Bibles that it is TOTAL SUXOR.

You heard it here first!

Things I Hate, #1038485


Oh how I hate you, migraine.

People say I never complain about them. That is not really true. I don't complain often, but I do the poor guy who lives with me, and sometimes to doctors. But since I know that I have to endure them, no point in complaining, really.

But that doesn't mean I LIKE them.

I hate the pain.

I hate the "down time" enforced upon me.

I hate the nausea.

I hate the interference with my vision.

I hate the vertigo.

I hate the sensitivity to light, sound, smell.

I know they can show up with lupus. I don't exactly like lupus, either. But again, no point in complaining. Just an occasional vent once in awhile to let the emotions out.

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