Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I KNEW IT #5,369,281

I knew my big toe was infected (again) in a deep place near the nail that no one could see. What can I say; the intense pain is a special clue I receive that others don't. I have a very high threshold for pain so I have been up and around on it, and have basically been trying to dig around and find it myself (while shoving in every antiseptic I could find.) I wanted very much to go to my podiatrist who would have taken care of it but I didn't want to deal with the Wrath of Dburr if I were not ready for Anime Expo tomorrow at 0600 or so...

Anyway today in the drugstore formerly known as Longs my toe decided to make a dramatic announcement and drip horrid green stuff all over. I'm glad whatever was in there is coming out. I'm glad I was wearing sandals.

I gave it a hot soak with hospital antiseptic but this isn't something I can take with me when traveling. It would leak and stain everything. I'm not sure if I have band-aids, and I'm also not sure I should keep walking on it so much.

But I have to clear a path to the old crab tank in the room where all the furniture hasn't been moved yet because two molting crabs are in it and will need water while I'm away. And if I do need band-aids I will certainly be the one going out to get them. I haven't had enough to drink today and had a dizzy spell in a scary place. But I've got to get the laundry in! Somehow! Dburr isn't home yet and I think his kitchen needs my cleaning skills anyway. The betta fish is sick. I need to get a big dish for the biggest crab who is knocking the small one over when he tries to take his daily salt bath.

Oh...and I'm tired :) I think I got too much sun just getting in and out of the car today.

But I was right about my toe, dammit.

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